The Organs

Adrenal Glands






Lungs Part 1

Lungs Part 2 


Prostate Gland

Thyroid Gland

Uterus Part 1

Uterus Part 2 


Coronary Arteries

The Great Veins


The need is to copy from the modules I have created on the Philips on line learning site to this site

The content consists of

  1. headings,
  2. text and
  3. images
  4. legends or captions

Each of these has to be copied and pasted individually – ie one at a time so that you do not create boxes around the heading, text  image or caption  If a box is created either delete it or do ctrl Z and take one step back

Headings are in font of “Heading 5” and are left aligned

Text is in paragraph font and is left aligned

Sometimes if you copy more than 1 paragraph at a time it may create boxes – go back CTRL Z and copy one paragraph at a time

To copy an image – right click and copy and paste

Sometimes this does not work The just highlight the image and do CTRL C and then paste

Images are centered to the page and should be expanded by dragging a corner of the image at  which time you will see the dimensions Should be about 400-500 pixel in the maximum dimension

Legends are centered under the image and should be in italics – If there is a top heading – That remains bolded and italicised and then the rest is italicised and not bolded

Sometimes legends or captions come up in blue – That is OK I will correct that later

When heading or title says for example “structure continued” – exclude that title